Accreditation &  Safety Policies


Safety is our top priority and we recognise that staff, especially our drivers, are key players. The health and welfare of our staff, our passengers and members of the public is paramount.  Our policies have been developed in consultation with industry and staff, with a strong commitment to continuous review and improvement.

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Our SMS relates to staff communications, vehicle monitoring, vehicle maintenance, vehicle signage, driver monitoring, drugs and alcohol, staff training and incident/accident management. Available to view on request.

Maintenance Management Systems (MMS)

The purpose of the MMS is to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, that each bus is safe and roadworthy whenever on a public road or at any time when carrying passengers. Available to view on request. ​

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

This policy applies to all Transport Safety Employees including bus drivers, mechanics, rostering staff and other staff who can influence safety. Available to view on request.

Working with Children

We take the safety and welfare of all our passengers seriously and therefore keep updated records of all our driver’s working with children’s checks through the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian. These are available upon request.